Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Worst

Scene: Mom and Dad are watching Masterchef in the basement after bedtime. All is (seemingly) quiet upstairs.

Troy comes running downstairs shouting "What you are going to see, CASS DID IT!" Just to be clear.

Scene of the crime. My bathroom floor (thank God). She just wanted to do her nails.

She did a, um, decent job? All things considered. Two years old and all. We quickly addressed the fact this was unacceptable. Cleaned up. Went to bed.

Scene 2 - Troy is playing with Mike. And what do we see? But a single painted nail? Hmmmmmmm. #PartnersInCrime

We had been calling this the worst thing either of our kids had done to date. Then my mom kindly reminded me of the time Troy took a wall hanging off the wall, pulled the nail out, and drug it around his room right at Troy level. While our house was on the market. During what was supposed to be naptime. That was ugly. I went back to look for the blog post on that one. Nope. Doesn't exist. That one wins. But doesn't make this one any better :/ "They" say we'll want to remember these things. So here ya go. 

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