Friday, September 23, 2016

Visit to Homer Lake

Homer Lake and its "natural playscape" have been a favorite of ours to visit for several years. We used to live less than 15 minutes away, so with it being a bit further and honestly just falling off my radar, we never made it over this summer. Thankful for my friend Sarah keeping it on her "must visit" list this year and inviting us to join them! Off we went! (Side note. Cass was so teeny the last time we were there!)

I can't even begin with these photos. My kids are just in their element out in nature. When talking to a co-worker the next day, he said, "That Troy! He sure is an outdoorsman!" Truth.

We were there less than five minutes before Troy had found a teeny little frog.

Troy showing something (the frog?) off to Cass and Benjamin.

Cass loves water just as much as big bro does.

When did she get so long and lanky!? Crazy how that happens.

Just doing his thing. Playing in a lake.

Even Troy was a little grossed out by all this seaweed. Is it the sea if its Central Illinois lakes!?

He also managed to catch some tadpoles and put them in a cup to watch swim around for a bit. Fascinating!

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