Saturday, October 1, 2016

Bulldog Biddy Basketball

The scene - at least 100 Kindergarten and 1st graders all wearing the exact same jersey in the Mahomet fieldhouse. I thought we were in for MAYHEM! But, as I should know by now, Mahomet knows what's up and ran an incredibly awesome first night of Bulldog Biddy Basketball!

He's REALLY concentrating here!

It didn't go in but it sure did look good. Grampa would say, "way to elevate!"

I thought it was adorable how quickly Troy found his friend Jack in that sea of orange. They were paired up for passing drills. 

And Troy is really determined to get a basket! We'll see what the future weeks hold as he keeps practicing!

Cassidy made a new friend, Piper, at basketball. I get to work out with Piper's mom each week and it was fun to see these two girls connect and chase each other around. They'll be in the same grade when the time comes (in three years!)

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