Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cassidy Is Three Years Old

I've said for the last several years, after experiencing it with Troy and now again with Cass, there is such a big difference between a young 2 yr old and an older 2 yr old. SO MUCH HAPPENS between 2 and 3. And my girl was no exception this past year. Let's talk about what Cass is up to!
(See what Cassidy was up to a year ago by clicking here.) 

Eating: Cassidy is still a really good eater. She isn't at all what I'd call picky (yet) and typically will try almost everything I make. We have to be really careful about not letting her be influenced by big bro's more particular opinions because once she hears his disapproval she usually hops on board. Her favorite foods are fruit, eggs, chicken tenders/nuggets/whatever, and shakes. She LOVES to help me cook and has been standing at the stove/counters for well over a year now. She really understands a lot about cooking (as in "Mommy, what ingredients do we need next?) and will ask a lot of questions and insist on being the stirrer.

Cass weaned fully from nursing in the beginning part of this past year, not long after her birthday really.  I never would have imagine nursing a child past her second birthday, but I did and it just felt right :) I'm thankful for all the awesome nutrition she had during those two plus years, not to mention the boost to her immune system. I truly believe breastfeeding gives kids a really healthy start to life and lays a good foundation for many, many years to come :)

Sleeping: Oh Hallelujah, we've had sleep breakthrough this past year. I would have to say that since the end of summer, at least, she's been sleeping consistently through the night with very few exceptions. Sleep begets sleep with this kid. When she's napping well and going to bed at a decent time, she sleeps well at night. She typically naps anywhere between 1-3 hours (usually the longest ones are the days we're at home and Troy is at school) and doesn't really fight naps a whole lot these days. Bedtime is between 7-7:30, depending on the night. She likes me to lay with her for a few minutes where we just talk about the day and snuggle for a little while. I don'r mind a bit! Also, she just recently got a new big girl bed!

Potty: Done! Another hallelujah moment I'll never take for granted. I joked she would be my kid that potty trained herself at a young age. That's pretty much what happened.  She was in undies all day in December last year and by March we were done with diapers overnight and she has very few accidents. Just as of recently, she's going to the potty all by herself, start to finish, wiping, pulling up pants, washing and all. It's glorious!

Learning: Cass is a really bright girl. I don't really know how else to say it but she impresses me, and many others that encounter her. She picks up on things quickly - even lyrics to a song, she can sing back to you after hearing them once or twice .She asks when she doesn't understand words. She can sing her ABCs, count object up to anywhere between 14 and 20 depending on the day and recognize some letters. She has an interest in writing so I have just started working with her on holding a pencil properly and showing her how to write the letters in her name. She's amazing! I have to continually remind myself she is only three (even though for the longest time she told us all she was going to be 4, in her mind, just skipping 3). She fits in well with kids a bit older than her and most of her friends these days are going to be 1-2 years ahead of her in school. I think that's the case with second kids a lot though. She speaks in full sentences, with a full vocabulary and you can understand nearly everything she says. She really would have been fine in a school setting this year and I wouldn't have any hesitations to send her to preschool a couple mornings a week if the opportunity became available.

Playing: Cass loves to play! Baby dolls are a favorite (just recently she got to hold her first REAL BABY and that was a big topic of conversation the rest of the day, thanks Anne!) Princesses and play doh are great too. When her friend Gracie comes over they scurry upstairs to get dressed up in whatever they're going to be playing in for the day and then they proceed to play some game of taking babies to the playground or something. She also loves legos and does a great job playing with them "like a big girl" as we say!

She's an active kid, loves to scooter, run, climb things at the playground, whatever.

Clothes: She is in 4T or 4s these days and has a number of shirts/dresses in 5 that fit her fine. Cassidy is tall and regularly appears to be a 4 yr old, or so she says ;)

Personality: Oh, this girl. I don't even know where to start but she has a whole lot of personality bottled up into the little person that is her. Joy is a word that often comes to mind. Sassy, no doubt. We have a "threenager" on our hands and routinely will get a glimpse of what life with teenager Cassidy will be like. She loves "her people" fiercely, family, friends, whatever. She enjoys talking about the schedule for the day and at the end of the day, "tell me what we did today". She looks forward to things with anticipation, like asking how many more sleeps until she goes to a friend's house, etc.

She is FUNNY! Like really, truly funny. She does impersonations like the one of "Daddy's silly face" below, and can be a little dramatic. She thinks its hilarious to scare people with a "BOO" so she'll sneak downstairs when she wakes up or come running into the bathroom while you're showering and say "BOO" loudly. Thanks, Daddy, haha.

Cass loves her whole family and has always been what you might call a mama's girl, but...

... in recent months, her love for Daddy has just exploded. Those two are so amazing together, it just melts my heart. So much sweetness. 

She misses her brother so much these days while he's at school but gives him great goodbyes at the bus stop, and asks him how his day was upon him returning home. He's been asking her to snuggle with him when we tuck him into bed at night and she happily obliges. It's the sweetest.

In general, she's a really joyful and sweet child who cares for others and has a sweet heart. She can get a little fiery at times but that just makes her who she is. She loves all things girly like painting her nails or wearing fancy shoes, but doesn't mind running around barefoot outside and getting dirty. She's just an amazing little person and I'm thankful for her every single day!

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