Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cassidy's Birthday Party

We ended up with quite the party for Cassidy turning THREE this year as we decided to meet between here and Chicago for a party to celebrate her! Our entire family drove down to the Brickstone Brewery for a meal, cake and presents. It couldn't have turned out to be a better day!

Below, she's got her party skirt on. Though as my mom pointed out, EVERY DAY is a good day for a party skirt when you're Cassidy.

My son looks like a teenager here.

We walked in at the same time as Gramma, Grampa, Daddy, Uncle Andy, Auntie Daria and Beema. And Cassidy wasted no time getting straight into presents. She was giddy!

We weren't there very long before our group of 14 (?) or so was invited to move to the private party room. This was AWESOME so we spread out and had some more room to roam without disrupting the rest of the restaurant. Winning! Below, playing princesses with Gramma and Emmy.

Opening some more presents with Aunti Patti.

Love this pic of the kids with Gramma and Grampa. Both Troy and Gramma had colds, but you couldn't even tell by looking at Gramma. Poor Troy on the other hand looks a little out of it all day :(


She was *supposed to* be eating here but instead she was organizing her gifts on her own. You know, just to see :)

Group hug for Gramma while we waited to take a group pic.

And the group pic! From left, me, Auntie Daria, Uncle Andy, Beema, Gramma (front), Aunti Patti (back), cousin Emily, Uncle Jeff, Grampa (front), Aunt Sue (back), Uncle Danny, Mike, Uncle Ed, Eddie (in front of him) and Nathan hiding behind him :)

Of course there was cake!


Troy had a hard time saying goodbye to Gramma that day. My kids are so blessed to have their grandparents and so many other wonderful family members in their lives!

After a nap on the ride home, Cassidy was ready to get down to business. Busy with the sparkly princess play-doh below.

Aunti Patti said these pajamas would be good summer ones for next year. Cassidy obviously had other plans and they immediately came into the rotation.

Huge thanks to our whole family for taking the day to come out and celebrate Cassidy! I know it was a special day for her and for all of us, too :) 

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