Saturday, October 1, 2016

First Live Snake

The scene. Kids outside playing in the backyard. Mom inside upstairs. Dad inside downstairs. Nothing about this arrangement was abnormal for us.

I went outside to check on the kids and could tell right away something was up. Troy has this new look/tone that I've interpreted to mean, "Mom is potentially going to FLIP out at this piece of information). So far, he's always told me anyways but I see right through it from the get go :)

Troy and Cass said there was a snake "under that rock right there". Questions I asked were, "Are you sure? Did you touch it? WHICH rock?!" And then proceeded to get Mike from inside to further investigate the situation.

Mike walked over to the rock and (much to his surprise I think) flipped it over and there WAS in fact a live snake. He slithered away rather quickly with his nice home disturbed now not just once but twice. EWWW. No pics as it all happened quite quickly.

We went inside and Mike started looking up what it was. Both the kids were fascinated.

As a total bonus to the aforementioned story, it must be snake season around here as out in front of our house a VERY DIFFERENT AND MUCH BIGGER snake is squished in the road. I REALLY don't want to see a snake that size slithering around my yard anytime this fall.

Mom, when do you want to come visit again after this post?! Haha. 

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