Saturday, October 8, 2016

Gramma Surprise

My mom came down to surprise the kids, when they woke up from nap and got off the bus, respectively. Troy's reaction was priceless.

Here's the sweet video of the same moment. 

That night we went out to JT Walker's before heading to school Open House. WHY DOES MY BOY LOOK SO OLD HERE?! Time, slow down!

With a few minutes to kill and an arsenal of fire trucks just down the blocks out for the fire department open house, we headed down for some fun. Cass does NOT look like she's having fun. Her balloon flew away seconds prior to this.

While we were snapping the pic, another fire fighter ran back into the station to get a new balloon for her. She was so happy!

Then we headed to open house at school, AKA our THIRD time to school in just over a day.

Cass found new ways to amuse herself.

It was CROWDED. We slammed through our entire "to do" list in less than a half hour I think.

Our final stop was the library. Full of puppets!

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