Saturday, October 29, 2016

Happy Third Birthday Cassidy

Cassidy's third birthday was on a Thursday this year, and happened to be a day we had no plans. It started with finding a frog in our garage on the way to the bus stop, which was exciting!

And then I squeezed in a workout at home (to follow up to the class I'd taught that morning, which included a three minute plank challenge we did as a class to celebrate Cass and my three years postpartum!) 

All Cass wanted to do was play play-doh WITH me for her birthday. She thinks Mommy playing princess play-doh with her is just the best.

Afterwards, we headed out for a birthday donut. Sprinkles of course.

Followed by a trip to Target just to look at the toys (though we did leave with an adorable purse and some new hair clips).

I thought a ride on the carousel at the mall would have been a nice treat but she didn't want to ride. So we just watched it instead :)

We ended the day with pizza (her choice) in the basement watching the Troy football game. It was an awesome birthday for our girl!

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