Saturday, October 1, 2016

Insane Inflatable 5K Run

My friend Sarah brought this run to my attention and rounded up a group of friends to participate. We headed over to Bloomington for it and had a blast (see the "start" inflatable in the pic below over my shoulder).

I was expecting inflatables like you'd see at any kids event, obstacle courses, slides, etc. They were MUCH MUCH bigger.

I had thought about bringing Troy and decided not to this first year. When a year from now I decide if I'm going to bring him, I want to pull this pic up to remind me just how spread out all the inflatables were. There was a LOT of distance between them that would have made it, um, interesting with a five year old.

Sarah has been a steadfast challenger in my challenge groups for well over a year now. We had to take the chance to show off our muscles. Check out this gal's arms.... way to go Sarah!!!

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