Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mom-Son Date

In a burst of spontaneity, I decided to use a spare hour to take Troy over to the U of I vet med open house while Cass napped before church. (Mike was home, FYI.) Animals + Troy = a good time.

He enjoyed petting the horses. Didn't want to wait in a line to pet a cow.

And Arnold was a little shy by this point in the open house. He was keeping his distance but still allowed gentle pets.

Troy looked at the map, that conveniently had an icon legend that pointed us right to the reptile area.

He walked up to this table of snakes and said, "So which ONE would you allow us to have Mom?" NO. JUST NO.

Funny story. We made it all the way back to the car and Troy announced he needed to go to the bathroom. Rather then head back into the chaos I got in the car and started driving. We ended up at Jimmy Johns where he promptly ran to the bathroom, and when he came out said, "WAITTTT! What is this place!? They have pickles! Mom, one day can we come back here to eat?! Please!" Next mom son date, done :) 

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