Saturday, October 8, 2016

Reading Cafe

We've had zero chances to go to school for anything since it started as the focus has been getting the kids in routine, etc. But this week we had not one but FOUR yes four opportunities to go to school for different events. The first one was "reading cafe".

There were snacks, which is where my kids landed first :)

Troy read to us, as he is encouraged to "read to friends" at school daily. He said this was his favorite book this week. "Pete the Cat" and his red school shoes.

Showing off his writing folder to us.

More reading to us. This was one about creatures, not a shock.

On the way out, he walked us past his self portrait. Nice work Troy!

Funny sassy Cass story. As we were saying goodbye to Troy's teacher, Cassidy said ever so sincerely, "Next time I come to your class, you have paint, ok?" She has an idea of what school is like, and paints is apparently a part of it :) 

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