Saturday, October 8, 2016

Troy's First Dawg Walk

The day of the Dawg Walk finally arrived! After much anticipation :) Below, Troy's swag he came home with a few days before the walk. Prize-a-palooza! Thank you to all his generous supporters!

The Dawg Walk was right in the middle of naptime. Cass fell asleep in the car and we woke her up to get out in the windy parking lot. Photo cred to my mom for this sweet pic.

The excitement of the Dawg Walk was that some members of the Marching Illini came out to Mahomet to perform for us!

Cass perked up a little bit towards the end of the performance.

The first time Troy spotted us! We had been standing behind him for quite some time at this point but they were all locked in on the band!

Cassidy hopped in to walk with him.

School class #PhotoOp

She was quite insistent in telling the other kids at school, "this is MY brother Troy!" Notice her holding on to his arm with both hands :)

Later, she found her buddy Gracie. They were making plans to go to each other's houses and parties around this moment.

Shout out to Gramma for finding the pom pom stash and making these wannabe cheerleaders' day!

Popsicles in the borderline cold temps, the kids didn't mind a bit :)

After the Dawg Walk was over we were hanging around waiting for Troy to be dismissed when I realized a lot of parents were picking up early. So we went and signed our boy out! I found him on the monkey bars. Not a shock!

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