Saturday, October 8, 2016

Visit to School - Wonder Dawgs Lunch

Thanks to Troy's many generous supporters, and his "hustle" working the neighborhood, to raise money for the PTO's main fundraiser, the Dawg Walk, he attained "Wonder Dawg" status raising over $200. This meant he was invited to a special recognition pizza party the day before the Dawg walk. Cass and I got to go and help out!

Cass enjoyed sitting with the big kids :)

And when they waited to line up for recess they waited on the carpet. Shortly after this, they walked out of the room and Cass was out the door before I could stop her. Then we bumped into the principal who asked how my four year old liked her visit to school. She already THINKS she's turning 4. Let's not keep feeding her ego LOL.

Troy got to bring a trophy home for the Wonder Dawgs, too. With his name on it and everything!

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