Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving Food Box Distribution

We used to be at Restoration often, and now I like to get over there at least a couple times a year as we can. The Thanksgiving Food Box Distribution was a great chance to do exactly that!

I loved how our pastor Leah prayed over all the kids in attendance. It was a great addition to the large group gathering :)

Then stickers were passed out. This was the one Troy got. "What's a vegan, Mom?" he says.

Photo cred to Dena on catching this sweet moment of my kids and I!

Serving at Restoration has been key in teaching my children how to serve others in very tangible ways, We look forward to returning in December!

Thanksgiving Feast

Troy loves when I come to school, apparently :) I wasn't necessarily planning on going to this Thanksgiving event but realized over the weekend it was quite important to him that I be there. Fact. It was completely adorable. When they went around the table and said they what they were thankful for, this was his response.

I will go to *anything* you ask me to son :)

It was a traditional "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" feast. Buttered toast, jelly beans, ice cream, popcorn, etc. I haven't seen the movie but picked up on this rather quickly :)

Afterwards, they got to color on the "tablecloth", which these 22 children thought was the best thing ever.

Excited I got to go. And don't worry, the Christmas party is already on my calendar :)

Deck The Halls 2016

Mike doesn't like decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving.

Mike left town several days before Thanksgiving not to return until after Thanksgiving.

An hour after he left town, I sent him this. #mwahaha

Set up the cam for a few minutes to capture the mayhem. Me and my kiddos hard at work :)

This was at 8pm once I put everyone to bed and thought "what the heck did I start!?"

This! This is what I started!

Love my little landing :) Christmas time is here!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Kidz Bop Morning

Today's installment of "It is a shame my kids are never happy." This boy. :) :) :)

Overnighter to Terre Haute

The kids and I tagged along with Mike for a trip to Terre Haute, IN. We knew there was a rockin' kids museum there so we planned to do that while he worked. We always jump at the opportunity to tag along!

A stop at the Cracker Barrel on our way into town for dinner. The ever popular table game was a hit.

And the explanation that they were up past bedtime but we were headed to the pool... THAT was met with cheers!

Now WAY past bedtime, they got to relax in the room before bed. Troy is drawing pics for Cass and spelling her name out for her.

No 2-bed hotel rooms available so 1 king it was. I looked over and thought 1) where the heck do I fit and 2) iFamily.

We fit just fine. Here's the cuteness I woke up to. I know they won't want to snuggle with each other forever but right now they thought it was pretty cool. Cassidy's "favorite part" of the weekend, if you ask her :)

My kiddos LOVE hotel breakfast. Particularly the waffle bar. With whipped cream. And fruit loops.

This. This is why we love to travel with Daddy :) So many giggles :)

The Terre Haute Children's Museum rocks! We came once last year and were excited to go back again. Cass has changed a little bit since that visit :)

Troy has grown quite a bit taller.

After awhile, Daddy joined us. And straight to the snakes we went.

Cassidy's favorite exhibit was the vet area. She had a little buddy to play with too.

We followed up the museum with a visit to an awesome pizza place! Wise Pies, we'll be back again someday!

The drive isn't too far, maybe just under an hour and a half? Cass slept door to door and was still wiped when we got home. Some snuggle time under a blanket on the couch was just what she needed!

Thanks for bringing us with, Daddy! We love you so!

It's a shame my kids are never happy

This morning's installment of "It's a shame my kids are never happy" :)

Yes, yes she is wearing a hat indoors.

"Being a Couch"

Me: Cass, fix the cushion.

Cass, without missing a beat: I'm being a couch.

Gentleman Junior

I sent this pic to my mom and she replied with "Troy must have received his Junior Gentleman's Box in the mail". Mr Style :)

Gentleman of the Month

Mike subscribed to something called "Gentleman's Box" earlier this year. For a guy who doesn't like receiving gifts (birthday, Christmas, otherwise) I love that he subscribes to this. He gets 12 gifts a year, one each month, with things like colored socks, pocket squares, all kinds of random stuff I would never buy him or he'd never buy for himself. He LOVES Gentleman's Box. So much that they reached out to him to feature him as "Gentleman of the Month". Here's his feature below, and click here for more info on how to sign up your favorite gentleman.

Setting the table "Thanksgiving style"

I have no idea what "Thanksgiving style" is but Troy came home from school insisting he wanted to set the table "Thanksgiving style". Whatever it is, it prompted him to take the initiative to set out the silverware and get BBQ sauce, because, well it just goes with everything when you're Troy. I love you, school! :)