Sunday, November 13, 2016

First "Little Trim"

Cass has been adamantly AGAINST having a hair cut for some time. It's not that we want her hair to be worn shorter or anything, but with these curls, it just needs a nice neat trim to stop tangling at the ends. I even took her with me to Miss Miranda a few weeks back so she could see how fun it was firsthand. Nope. Didn't want any of it. Then when Gramma was down she showed an interest not in a haircut, but a "little trim". Done. Appointment made.

Below. "Before" shot. Right before the trim.

She was resistant to get her hair washed but eventually resigned herself to the fact this was happening and quietly climbed up. But the WHOLE process, this look on her face just kept sinking further and further into a pout. LOL.

We really had to stop ourselves from laughing :)

At the end, she was all smiles. Back to herself! And if you asked her if she had fun, she'd probably say yes. Ummm, really?

So gorgeous! Her locks are beautiful!

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