Friday, November 4, 2016

Go Cubs Go

While not huge baseball fans in our house, we ARE Chicago fans. And when the Cubs win the World Series, well the excitement stretches well beyond Chicago and certainly to Mahomet! Troy's teacher is a die-hard Cubs fan, so he has learned all the words to "Go Cubs Go" this year and picked out his Cubs shirt to wear the day after the big event. History, made!

All smiles after school :)

This was a free time picture he drew the day after they one. Again, quite thought out. I LOVE his pictures!

Of course, tons of videos hit social media in the day after they won. This one was my favorite. I didn't find out until later that day, my favorite social media guru was behind it. #GaryVee for the win! And Cubs for the win too! (Sorry in advance for all the Budweiser in it, Dad!)

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