Friday, November 4, 2016

Happy Halloween

Halloween fell on a Monday this year, so we went trick or treating after Daddy got home from work. Lots of pics below!

This is the reaction I get when I say pics are done, but its not quite time to go trick or treating yet.

Emmett the Lego minifig stayed in good shape for his second appearance.

This may be my favorite 11 second video ever. Troy is singing "boogie in my joogie" (WHAT?!) and Cass is taunting Mike that he can't move. My kids, everybody. LOL. 

I've got two kids who love and understand trick or treating now. They were in a group of friends and we stayed back to watch them run house to house. SO fun!

The kindergarten trio all dressed up :)

Checking out and sorting the loot back home. The kids happily (really!) turned their peanut butter cups over to Daddy as we all KNOW those are his favorites!

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