Friday, November 4, 2016

Mahomet Trunk or Treat

We weren't going to go. We were just going to dress up on Halloween this year, I said. It's going to be so crowded, they all said. We were going to go to the Illinois Homecoming parade on Campus, I planned.

We changed our minds last minute that day. And decided to go. And I'm SO glad we did and spent this evening with our wonderful little town (all 14,000 of them haha).

We QUICKLY realized Troy's eye holes were not sufficient for the crowded dark event. Daddy became his handler for the night, haha.

We had some fun with the costumes. And by we, I mean Mike. He wore both Anna's crown and Emmett's head at different points.

The line to get into the trunk or treat event was LONG. Like 30-45 minutes long. But once we got in, OH MY, so worth the wait. And not as crowded. And totally organized. Our kids had a blast filling their buckets. Thank you, Mahomet, for being amazing!

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