Sunday, November 20, 2016

Overnighter to Terre Haute

The kids and I tagged along with Mike for a trip to Terre Haute, IN. We knew there was a rockin' kids museum there so we planned to do that while he worked. We always jump at the opportunity to tag along!

A stop at the Cracker Barrel on our way into town for dinner. The ever popular table game was a hit.

And the explanation that they were up past bedtime but we were headed to the pool... THAT was met with cheers!

Now WAY past bedtime, they got to relax in the room before bed. Troy is drawing pics for Cass and spelling her name out for her.

No 2-bed hotel rooms available so 1 king it was. I looked over and thought 1) where the heck do I fit and 2) iFamily.

We fit just fine. Here's the cuteness I woke up to. I know they won't want to snuggle with each other forever but right now they thought it was pretty cool. Cassidy's "favorite part" of the weekend, if you ask her :)

My kiddos LOVE hotel breakfast. Particularly the waffle bar. With whipped cream. And fruit loops.

This. This is why we love to travel with Daddy :) So many giggles :)

The Terre Haute Children's Museum rocks! We came once last year and were excited to go back again. Cass has changed a little bit since that visit :)

Troy has grown quite a bit taller.

After awhile, Daddy joined us. And straight to the snakes we went.

Cassidy's favorite exhibit was the vet area. She had a little buddy to play with too.

We followed up the museum with a visit to an awesome pizza place! Wise Pies, we'll be back again someday!

The drive isn't too far, maybe just under an hour and a half? Cass slept door to door and was still wiped when we got home. Some snuggle time under a blanket on the couch was just what she needed!

Thanks for bringing us with, Daddy! We love you so!

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