Friday, November 4, 2016

Parent Teacher Conferences - Fall 2016

This was our very first parent teacher conference! I was really glad Mike was able to come with too, to hear whatever Troy's teacher had to say firsthand (instead of relayed through me). Our talk went even better than I expected it to, as his teacher gushed over what a joy he is to have in the class and used the word "kind" over and over and over to describe him. He's learning just what he needs to learn and is a "leader in the classroom", much to his daddy's delight!

Postpartum hormones, you have nothing at all on the emotions that come with the first months of having a school aged child. I teared up as I listened to her words and saw how much he'd already learned since school started. Unbelievable! Keep up the wonderful work Troy. We're all so proud of you!

Below, waiting for our turn and playing patiently with Cassidy and her new birthday princesses.

Showing us his "self portrait" he made.

Lots of love to see these words on paper describing my little guy. So proud!

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