Saturday, November 12, 2016

Visit with Gramma and Late Fall Trip to the Orchard

Towards the end of a several-nights-away trip for Mike, my mom came down to spend a night with the kids and I.The "gramma bag" was a big hit, as always, with Chutes and Ladders being a big hit, among a handful of books. And princess memory, of course.

When we pulled Timehop up that day, we realized we were in the middle of a Gramma visit three years prior that day, too. Kids have changed a smidge :)

Not really sure what to expect from an end-of-season trip, we headed to the orchard since the weather was beautiful and at the very least, they'd still have some apples. Who knew the best orchard trip of the year would be this last one!?

There were some apples still available for picking so we headed ALL the way to the back of the orchard to find them!

Success! Two bags later!

Yep. It's definitely fall.

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