Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Florida Vacation Day 1 - Travel and Fun in the Sun - Bonus Day!

With an earlier than planned flight, I had to wake the kids up extra early to make it to the airport and through security in time. And with a loooong line at security, I was glad we were there extra early! I was also glad the friendly TSA agents let me back into "my" spot in line when I misplaced one of my boarding passes and had to step out to print another. Eek!

Finally at the gate, Troy asks, are we done with "hard things" yet?! Cass looks ready to pass out. (Don't be fooled. Nobody slept on the plane or otherwise for at least 14 more hours at this point.)

Cassidy's only flights were at the age of 13 months so this was the first she remembered! The theme of this flight was "it's not fair", which began with the fact I let her have the window for take-off.

Note to self (and other parents): don't buy headphones with "volume reducing" feature for loud noisy airplanes with lots of white noise. Child(ren) won't be able to hear a thing. They still (mostly) watched iPads though.

We played with Snapchat a little...

And after a smooth journey and quick Uber, I found myself poolside with a cocktail before noon. Aw yea! Bonus day! I "should have" still been back in Mahomet and helping out at the kindergarten Christmas party at this point. 

Troy had been begging to go lizard hunting since Mike told him a few weeks prior he saw lots of lizards in Orlando. Off we went, and we promptly found some!

Next up, the pool was calling our names! Troy scampered around the lazy river all too comfortably and we may have lost him many times once or twice.

My second little fish is comfortable in the water, hanging on the wall or in the shallow areas. Swimming will be happening soon no doubt!

Lots of tubes to float on, I introduced Cass to the art of the lazy river.

And, knowing our little creature lover, we had to squeeze in a second lizard-hunting adventure before heading inside for the night. He has "twins" here.

Remember when I said nobody slept for at least 14 hours? Then they SLEPT!

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