Friday, December 30, 2016

Florida Vacation Day 2 - Disney Springs, Orlando Science Center and Dinner with Friends

With travel day behind us, we were anxious to get up and explore the town! First up was picking up our car for the night (we only had a car for two days, otherwise utilized resort transportation and Uber to meet all our needs!) and then we were off in search of breakfast! We had some time to kill before the donut shop at Disney Springs (Downtown Disney? Disney outside of the parks? call it what you wish!) so we stopped in the Lego store. Building, building, building. Not a surprise!

Breakfast at last! Giant donuts for us to share. Though letting the kids hold donuts as big as their head (nearly) was fun for a minute :)

All sugared up for the morning, we started walking around. Troy said, "Mom! Take a picture of me and this palm tree!" And struck this very GQ pose on his own. Too much, I tell you.

We stumbled across the largest Disney store I've ever seen, surely the biggest one out there. The rotunda of princess was enough to start making Cassidy's sugared-up head spin!

She ran to this princess statue to hug with glee. If only she knew what was in store for her days in the parks a few days later...

Then the PhotoPass fun began! Mike was a skeptic on the "Memory Maker" package I signed us up for but as mom, I LOVED the idea of stopping the friendly Disney photogs all over the place this week and allowing them to snap pics of my family (my WHOLE family, including me!) and having instant digital access to them all. I saw a person with a camera and let her snap our first official Disney photo! Don't the kids look thrilled LOL 

From there, we found out about the "Photo Pass studio" where we could stop in to have photos of us all taken. Enter, the following shoot! 

Not bad for impromptu portrait sessions! From there we retreated back to our hotel for some downtime, and while Cass slept and the boys chilled, I went to catch up on some messages poolside. Sigh. Simply amazing. 

After nap, it was time to get back out and explore some more before our dinner plans. With our shiny new museum passes in hand, we headed to the Orlando Science Center for the last hour before they closed for the day. It was fantastic! The kids could have spent the entire time at this ball exhibit in the play area.

Quick, quick visit to the dinosaur wing before they kicked us out. They HAD to kick us out as the museum was having a wedding and cocktail hour was IN the dinosaur hall. DJ, bar and all! They were almost completely set up when we left. What a cool venue!

From there we went on to our final destination for the night, dinner with Mike's friend Justin and his girlfriend. Mike and Justin met through the track world nearly 20 years ago and have stayed in touch since, Olympic gold medal and all. Seriously though, Awesome people and a great couple to share a meal with. Troy said he was sure Justin could run faster than a cheetah :) Mike has talked of Justin fondly for years so I was glad I had the chance to meet him!

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