Saturday, December 31, 2016

Florida Vacation Day 4 - Magic Kingdom!

The time had come for our FIRST trip into the Disney parks! Thanks to my wise Disney"coach" Stacie and the advice of many other friends, I had a good plan in place for the day. Up at 6:15, breakfast  by 7, shuttle at 8. We weren't there for park opening but we were there earlier that we were able to walk right on things while the crowds were still low (on what is one of the busiest weeks of the whole year).

Since we were not staying on site/using a Disney dining plan/etc. we did things a little differently. All the Disney dining plan folks usually skip breakfast I think, but for us, it made the most sense to have our free and amazing buffet breakfast be one of our biggest meals of the day! In addition to everything you'd expect at a hotel breakfast buffet, there was a pancake/waffle bar. Enter the "special pancake" tradition. Every morning, the kids had special pancakes made by Daddy or I AFTER the rest of the breakfast but before we left. Sprinkles, whipped cream and chocolate oh my!

We got to Magic Kingdom, got right in and wanted to hop right on a ride together! But I requested we spend five minutes in line for "the" Disney picture in front of the castle :) Everyone obliged. It helped we couldn't actually see any rides yet LOL.

THEN it was ride time. Aladdin's magic carpets it was. Cass really hasn't ridden many rides so I was curious what she'd think. She loved it, and so onward and upward we continued with rides!

Some carousel time for us. I could tell Troy was itching for something a bit bigger at this point though LOL.

Another fun one for us all to ride was Buzz Lightyear's Spin. When Mike took Troy to LegoLand earlier this year, there was a ride there like this he wanted to ride over and over, so I thought he'd really like this one. We followed it up with Pirates of the Carribean, too. 

Then we split the party in half, as I planned we would do for awhile each day, and Mike and Troy went to go to some bigger rides (Space Mountain!) while Cass and I went off to lunch at Cinderella's Table! Thank you, Gramma and Grampa! My mom and dad gifted us all with an "experience" gift at Disney for our birthdays while we were there, for something we otherwise wouldn't have done. Lunch with the princesses was the perfect choice for Cass and I!

Our little party of 2 fit right in at the best table in the house, right at the front of the castle by the huge windows. It was amazing!

We had met Cinderella on the way in, and THIS was the moment they started announcing and introducing allllll the other princesses. She looked like she was going to burst!

I wasn't too sure this was even Ariel on the bottom right, but Cass proclaimed it was quickly. So as soon as they snapped their pic, I canceled my FastPass on my phone for the Ariel character experience for the afternoon and popped in another ride.

Meanwhile, these were showing up in my phone from ride lines, Space Mountain and the speedway (car) ride.

On the way from Cinderella's table to meeting up with the boys for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Cass had her first "pass out in the stroller" nap. We woke her up and FastPassed right onto a roller coaster, half asleep. She woke up quickly and laughed the entire ride! Then.... we parted ways again.  Cass really wanted to see a parade while we were there and the boys had several rides left on their hit list, like the Haunted Mansion ride Mike remembered from his childhood. The parade area was SLAM PACKED but we were able to see enough of it to "see" a parade :) 

Then? More character experiences for our afternoon while the boys rode and rode. Anna and Elsa aren't at the Magic Kingdom these days so we weren't planning to see them at all. Then Daddy, who was completely across the park, sent me this video. I didn't show Cass what we were missing LOL.

I told Cass who all the lines were for and asked if she wanted to wait. Apparently Minnie was worth the wait for her!

I had *thought* we'd just wear the princess dress at Cinderella's Table. Nope, nope she wasn't taking that thing off!

This was around 3pm, after an already FULL day when I realized just how amazing Cass was rocking this day. She was SO happy and we were both enjoying it to bits. *Pic snapped*

Enchanted Tales with Belle was the cutest little experience. The kids all got a roll to play in a little show (small, think like no more than 20 kids or so) and Belle called them up. Cass was the salt shaker :)

While up in front, the little salt shaker started bouncing up and down and then called out in a LOUD whisper "I NEED TO GO POTTY". Mad dash out the door and we were done with Enchanted Tales just in the nick of time. 

Soooooo, we found more characters to go meet with our last few minutes before dinner. The Tinkerbell experience may have been one of the cutest ones of the whole week. All the characters, especially the princesses, were SO good at carrying on conversations with Cass while they were visiting. Cass lit up while Tinkerbell gushed over her new wand from lunch :) 

Totally lit up! Tinkerbell had her waving her wand and pretending fairy dust was raining down, or something like that. It was precious.

Finally time to slow our day down a bit and draw it to a close. We had dinner reservations for like 5:30pm at Be Our Guest. Can you tell how happy we were to see each other?! 

Another "castle", this one is supposed to be the Beast's castle from Beauty and the Beast. 

This is Mike's "it's snowing in Florida!?" face in response to the "atmosphere". 

Loved my little rose napkin.

The food was pretty good! But the kids dessert cart that came rolling around!? Yep, they were pretty excited for that. They both ended up picking a strawberry cupcake. Yes, even over the "grey stuff"!

The whole castle was beautiful. We walked around a bit afterwards but opted not to wait in line for the Beast. He was pretty cool (and gigantic!) though!

We had to wait a few minutes for our shuttle so we scooped up one more FastPass for the night and went on the evening "Jingle Cruise" (Jungle Cruise). It was DARK but we it was all lit up so we could see the different (pretend) animals. 

Then we got outside to wait for our shuttle and this began. THIS is what a three year old looks like after her first FULL day at Disney World! Haha!


  1. Like a BOSS, Amy Cunningham! You owned that park like a pro!!!

    1. LOL just saw this comment Stacie. Thanks for all your tips, we did a TON in just one day at the MK!