Saturday, December 31, 2016

Florida Vacation Day 5 - Pool and Disney Springs

Common theme to how these mornings began? Special pancakes! Though today was a scheduled "down day", as I put a day off between each of our park days. So breakfast in PJs it was with no shuttle to catch.

After a leisurely meal, we walked around the resort (and the neighboring Waldorf resort, too). Christmas, Christmas, everywhere.

We found a butterfly and put the wand to good use since we weren't sure if we should touch him or not.

The chairs next to the big tree at the pool said "smile". How could you not!? Florida at Christmastime!

We did want to let it warm up for a bit before we headed out so early nap for Cass, chill time in the room and a hotel room lunch with our grocery store goodies before it was finally warm enough! Troy was eager to try out the water slide (over and over and over).

We introduced Cass to the magic of the lazy river :)

She was comfortable lounging around on her own quickly!

The boys looked like mirror images of each other. Plus some goggles and minus some tattoos, though :)

Cass was really good at hanging out on the side of the pool, so if she wasn't in a tube, that's usually where we saw her!

Then, because there are no rules in Disney LOL, we headed to Disney Springs for some pre-dinner dessert and to walk around for a bit. Yay for a family photo shot!

And for watching STUFF, like this hot air balloon.

A little gelato for everyone before more walking around....

Andddd the only needed clothing change the ENTIRE trip when I didn't have my backpack with me because "it would just be a couple quick hours". Psssssh. You should know by now Amy. You've been at this mom thing long enough. ALWAYS take the backpack. Little Mis-Matched boutique store to the rescue (sigh). 

Troy's smile here. Love it :)

While we were waiting for our shuttle back to the hotel, we made new friends (a common theme the whole trip as everyone is SO friendly and chatty) and Troy and this new friend Liam asked if they could sit together on the shuttle back to the hotel. Overheard in their conversation:
"Hey, can you spell zoo?"

"What's your mom's phone number? Mine is _______"

Too funny :) Upon our return, we visited one of the hotel restaurants for a meal and turned in for the night. Another successful day in the books!

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