Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Happy SIXTH Birthday, Troy!

Troy's birthday fell on a Friday this year. This has been the year of Legos, and me and Daddy have our own "Lego store" in the house here... Troy had been BEGGING for this Lego traveling case he knew we had... we finally gave it to him, fully stocked with Legos, for his birthday! And he was thrilled!

Chocolate chip pancakes (kodiak cakes!) made by his request ;)

And off to school he went! I got to go have lunch at school for the first time... eating with 220 5 and 6 yr olds was a new experience for me, but an everyday occurrence for my guy :) I brought him a hamburger and fries as a super special treat. Thanks DQ :)

This adorable and thoughtful card from a kid in his class came home and warmed my heart. It wasn't signed but it makes me so glad to know he has such buddies at school! And a fellow Cubs fans, too :)

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