Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mahomet Christmas Walk

Truth. I expected it to be super crazy packed. I expected to be there 30 minutes. I expected it to be cold.

I was blown away! Sarah and I took our kids over to the Mahomet Christmas walk for some winter-y fun. The kids were instantly super-sugared-up with hot cocoa, cookies and candy canes. There was lots to see and do and all the businesses were passing things out.

Photobooth fun below.

Where did all these big kids come from!?!

This hat didn't seem freaky when I bought it OR when she started wearing it. But in pics?! Um yea it scares me a little.

Our church was offering horsedrawn carriage rides and it was a highlight for sure!

Photo cred below to Monica for this one :)

We noticed Santa didn't have a very long line so stopped in to say hello :)

Afterwards Sarah and Benjamin came over and we ate a late dinner together. We had stayed longer than planned and had so much fun!

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