Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Minivan Mama - Merry Christmas to Me!

In the midst of Mike's busiest travel time of the year, we had one evening with a few hour window to spend time together. So what do we do? Hit the road to go make my minvan dreams a reality!

Below. Kids. Dinner time. Just playing at the car dealership play area.

Below. Kids (plus Mike) at normal bedtime. Watching a PBS nature show about chickens. At the car dealership.

We took the opportunity to say goodbye to my very first car, a car my parents gave me when I was just a 19 yr old away at college. Can you say grateful!? Grateful they gave me this car, grateful I never had to make a car payment on it, grateful it served us VERY VERY well for so many years. Mike has been driving it for quite awhile now, so it really hasn't done much driving except to work and the airport parking lot :)

Showing off a few of its super special features. Pictured below unknown hood dent and missing light circa 2006 when I slid into a light pole at the apartment complex going 5 mph (literally). Not pictured, the driver mirror that I have superglued on time and time again over the last several years and the window that was 3M hooked up since Cass pushed it off its track at some point circa 2014 with her infant foot #CrazyStrong

Tada! There she is! And she is ah-mazing!

I felt like quite the mom the next day tooling around town in it. So thankful. Mike, you rock!

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