Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Party Crashers

How it was supposed to go down:
Troy finish last day of school. Amy and kids drive north to sleep at grandparents' house the night before flying out on Saturday. Fly out Saturday.

How it actually went down:
The day before the last day of school, Amy receives note from American Airlines asking if she wants to fly out of the frozen tundra a full day early to avoid a winter storm. YES PLEASE. Hop in car with kids to go to grandparents immediately before flying out the next day. Crash party grandparents thought they were throwing the night before we showed up. Fly out Friday.

My parents were beaming in their newly finished basement for their cocktail hour with friends. I LOVE the wine rack they have in their cabinets.

While Cass was off truly party-crashing, Troy hunkered down in my old bedroom with some shiny new birthday LEGO sets and his Uncle Andy for hours and hours of building. At one point he said, "wait, there's a party here?!"

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