Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Troy's Sixth Birthday Party

Troy has been planning his Lego party allllll year long. So... time to make it a reality!

Below, my cake masterpiece for this year's celebration. Lego cake complete with frosting covered oreos for the top and minifigs holding up the candles.

Our very own Lego firewalk in the hallway outside Troy's room. Ouch!

I was quite proud of this easy Lego "photobooth" I made. Plastic tablecloths and paper plates, yes please! The kids all loved it!

I've got a Lego man smooching me :)

Yea... I think this is the end of the Lego halloween costume now LOL.

Some of our party guests - hiding behind the faces would be Jack, Troy, Ben, Alex, Cass.

More kiddos concealed as Legos :)

We had a "Lego building competition" where Troy got to be the judge. I wasn't sure how this was going to go but the activity immediately following had EVERYONE getting a Lego minifig, so we went with it. I think it turned out ok.

The adults visiting and chatting during the competition.

The "contest" entrants - Liam, Clara, Jack, Alex, Kaden.

The next activity was "rescue a minifig" from a block of ice. Finding things to chisel into the ice with was um, interesting. Mike had the very wise idea to get cups of warm water going just as it started to get dicey LOL

This was my best effort at capturing a pic with nearly every kid in attendance. Hiding in the back would be Kaden and Kinley - missing would be Josh,

Troy picked presents to be next. So many wonderful gifts he was blessed with! Including Legos!

Cake time!

At the conclusion of the party, our friend and neighbor Jack stayed over for awhile to have lunch and check out the new Legos with Mike and Troy. These guys had so much fun building...

And munching on bacon-wrapped shrimp, too!

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