Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Vineyard Family Christmas

Oh, oh, oh. How much I love this event. I looked forward to it even more this year knowing Mike was going to get to go with us and having an idea of what to expect. Last year's first one blew me away and I knew this one would too.

We sat with a large group from the Mahomet Vineyard. It was fun to be back at the Urbana church we attended for so many years, seeing so many wonderful and familiar faces!

I had the honor of hanging with one of my friend Anne's babies. Oh he is just too sweet... and Troy (after abruptly asking, "who IS that!?") held onto his hand while we waited for the evening to begin.

Cass was in awe of the whole thing. Though she was wiggling and climbing around like crazy most of the show, she kept coming back to Mike and I to be lifted up to see what was going on while the songs were happening!

Such an amazing Christmas celebration. We love you, Jesus!

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