Sunday, December 4, 2016

#YearOfMuseums - Field Museum and Planetarium

With our recent decision to sign up for a museum membership, we will be celebrating #YearOfMuseums all year long. While everyone else was shopping on Black Friday, we took our kids to the Field Museum in Chicago to check out the dinos and spend some time walking around. They ran to "Sue" the T-Rex right away!

The fossil lab was awesome! To see them actually working on them. Troy was intrigued.

Checking out how his foot compares in size :)

Cass saw this and said "Look! Kinenetic sand!" I was surprised she knew the name of it. Or at least pretty close!

Down in the nature play area, Cass very casually walked past a stuffed skunk, without missing a beat lifted its tail and made a "tooting" noise. I couldn't believe it. But DID have to laugh :)

Because we can, we museum hopped over to the Planetarium to spend an hour or so checking it out to see if it would be worth a longer trip back one day. Verdict? YES!

They were pretty excited to get to make their own slime in the "lab" there. 

Troy enjoyed the video game space shuttle launch station, where he had to load up the space shuttle and launch it :)

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