Saturday, September 16, 2017

Triple S Farm Picnic

Troy had been asking when "Farmer Stan" would be inviting us to the "party at the farm". Not wanting to assume that this favorite local business of ours would continue this practice, I answered with the elusive "someday"... until the day we picked up our meat at the market and Farmer Stan told Troy himself, "the invitation to the picnic is on its way, save the date!" Thank goodness we didn't have any plans that night that conflicted as Troy would have been crushed!

This may have been my favorite visit to the farm yet, with the exception of the fact that Mike missed it for a trip and the kids and I ventured down alone. I *may* have texted him during the evening and asked if we could move to a farm. *May* have :)

One of the first exciting moments was when the kids walked up to this dog and Cass told me, "we found Charlie the Ranch Dog! Tell Gramma!"

#FindTheCass below :)

Troy in a conversation with Farmer Stan. Where he got direct approval to begin chucking apples that had fallen from the tree in by the pigs. He saw a Triple S worker do this TWO years ago and obviously didn't forget it.

The kids began getting shirt-fulls of apples and bringing them over to the pigs. 

After a little while, I said we should go on the next hayrack ride before it got too dark. This meant a break from feeding the pigs. I was met with a little opposition, evidenced by the pouty lip on the hayrack ride.

98% of the night was all smiles though :)

Hours. Hours this kid spent with the pigs.

Eventually it was time to eat dinner in the barn. Sitting on haybales. #DownOnTheFarm

The cookies from some bakery were HUGE. Troy had the guts later that night to say "but you only let me have one tiny little cookie, Mom!" Um. That was as big as your head, kid.

Cass sort of enjoyed one marshmallow. With a prompt visit to wash up after. What a mess, that girl!

Touching the piglets was a highlight too. They had been running away from all the visitors when we first walked up so my kids thought it was awesome they came right up to them.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Mommy Daughter Night

With Troy at a party and Daddy on a trip, Cass and I stopped at a store to pick up a donut and took it over to the mall for some fun for a little while :)

She proved she still has all her gymnastic skills, even if she's taking a break right now :)

My "on this day" popped this picture on top up earlier that day and without even trying I snapped a very similar selfie during our mall date :) She's got a little more hair now!

Picnic Lunch at First Grade

Very spontaneously, I decided to pack up Cassidy's lunch and go have lunch with Troy at school. I love that they have lunch open for visitors anytime! And even better... they'd decided to have a picnic outside this particular day! Woot!

They scurried off together as soon as they were released. Even hand in hand! My heart!

I was impressed with all their climbing structures and things to do. I walked away from lunch/recess loving our school even MORE than before if possible!

She went and lined up with him before the tearful goodbye. She wanted to go INTO the classroom with him, she said :)

First Official Day - 3 yr old preschool

Cassidy's sort-of first day of preschool included just one hour of preschool time, while I accompanied her for the morning. She was unhappy about this to say the least. So no pics from that day. And I resolved to just "count" her first day as the first day I dropped her off, which came two days later. Here she is, walking in holding her backpack (so what if it has convenient straps for wearing on your back lol)

All smiles after her first morning! She was glad I dropped her off and didn't watch her play. And she loved telling me all about it afterwards! Excited for your school year, Cassidy Lynn!

Troy Drawings - Dragon Family

This collection of dragons came home from school one day. The top is the "musical dragon" (check out the music notes) and the bottom one is self explanatory :)

Boys of the Neighborhood

Troy has met some new boys in the neighborhood right next to us and they've been off exploring around our house and theirs several after school afternoons. I'll look out there and see them exploring the construction site *just* far enough to not have me yelling after them to come back!

Troy found this toad in a yard and was okayed to bring it home by the mom, so he turned up at our house. I guess the toad/frog dry spell is officially over now!

Mom Brag - Morning Frog Time

Rewind to a late night Mike and I were up watching TV after the kids were in bed. I saw a frog stuck to the window on our main floor and went out to catch him, risking that he may not survive the night in a bucket.... but alas, he did! It makes creeping around the house at 10pm with a flashlight and a bucket totally worth it. And Troy and Cass went right out to play with him on this bonus weekend day first thing in the morning. I *thought* this would be like a whole morning of entertainment but Troy scooped him up and looked at him for a few minutes before declaring he looked a little dry and probably needed to be released to find some water. I was shocked. But also, couldn't argue with that.

Cass was heartbroken to say goodbye to the frog after 10 minutes of playtime. Check out the crocodile tears as she says her farewell. Troy was adamant this needed to happen though, and honestly the kid knows more about frogs than I do and if he thinks he needed to be released, I'm sure he's right.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Family Day - Fishing Time

We headed to a new fishing spot in town for our lazy Sunday afternoon time and thought we'd be out there *maybe* a half an hour. Well, a half hour turned into several hours and we were outside fishing for much of the afternoon. The kids really enjoy it. Cass continues to be the worm manager and Troy enjoys catching them. We definitely caught more this time than the first time we ventured out a few weeks back. They also were eating our worms like crazy! $3 of worms well spent for an afternoon of entertainment.

First College Football Saturday

Family holiday! First college football Saturday of the year was here :) We were dressed in orange and blue to head to the Illini game and spend the day with family.

Below, photo cred to Cassidy who insisted on taking our picture!

She said her "plan for the day" included finding flags, waving them and saying "hooray, it's football day!" So we did that ;)

The game was a little, uh, rocky at times. But thankfully we pulled out a win! Below, Mike yawning. Ha.

What a view!

While my dad, brother, Mike and I were at the game, my mom and grandma took the kids to the orchard and out to eat. They had a fun time! Below, kids at Orchard with their great-grandmother (Beema).

Beema snapped this pic of my mom while they were relaxing outside and watching the kids play in the yard. They were all enjoying the yard as much as we always do when we returned home!

Cassidy was very tired after that busy day, so she crashed normal time for the night. But I was making snacks and Daddy was tucked down in the basement watching football on his new TV and Troy got to stay up a bit late hanging out with us and snacking. I look forward to doing it again with him later this football season!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

This is 9

With a very similar feel to 8, our ninth anniversary was spent at our home with a special dinner and low key evening. We got a good laugh when Mike walked in because I was yelling at the kids to stop dropping army men from the second floor to the first floor. If that doesn't say nine years, I don't know what does :)

I didn't snap any pics of our steak dinner and Game of Thrones marathon that night, so I'll drop a few wedding pics below for you. And point you to our "wedding blog" in case you want to read Amy's blogging from the early days :)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Morning Moments - Footie Pajamas Outside

They scurried outside early one morning before school to check out the fog. I love the sight of footie pajamas in the morning, even if she is outside in them!

Her Natural Habitat

When Emily was visiting, she coined Cassidy's oasis under the coffee table as "her natural habitat". I found her under there one afternoon, pillow, blanket and all. Too bad I had to wake her to go somewhere as she looked so peaceful sleeping there!

"Another kind of park"

Cass and I visited a playground almost every day that first week or so of school. The first time there was a rainy day she asked for "another kind of park" and it was right around that time my friend Bonnie suggested the indoor playground. YES! Our park streak continued. And my big girl was delighted!

A Special Visitor

To say Troy has been disappointed that we haven't found any frogs/toads around our house this year would be an understatement. I'd heard reports from a neighbor or too that THEY had found them, I found a squished one in our driveway.... so I KNEW they were around. But they weren't appearing when Troy was looking. Until this night! Just like last year,  he appeared right on Troy's window! Super Frog!

"I knew we had frogs this year! I knew they were here!"

The joy. Seriously. The joy.

The next day when we prayed, Troy thanked Jesus for "the tree frog that came and cheered me up." He truly was sad over the lack of frogs.... until this night! So happy for him :)