Monday, November 27, 2017

Thankfulness - Troy

I love Thanksgiving time and digging into thankfulness and gratitude. This sweet sheet came home from Mrs. Snow. Made me cry! To hear your child is a "role model student" means the world!

There are a bunch of images below from different Thanksgiving activities he brought home:
My favorite toy - legos
My favorite food is alligator. WHAT?!

Thankful for candy and "bear dog"

Dad made an appearance in the book :) 

As did Pokemon

Troy's friend Cal has been a great blessing in his life this school year!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Deck the Halls - 2017 Edition

Picture of the year below, while trimming the tree :) 

We added a super fun tree to our basement this year, and all the TROY ornaments live down there (also known as the football tree).

THE Cassidy Tattoo

Mike had the idea to have both kids' names tattooed on his chest when they wrote their names for the first time. We paid a visit to the amazing Chris with Ink 180 to have this two-part tattoo completed (Troy tattoo from 2015 here!)

You can read in Mike's words what this tattoo means from his Facebook post this week :) 

Thanksgiving in Chicago

Our Thanksgiving trip to Grampa and Gramma's house was full of lots of playtime around their house and having fun with toys, games, family, and Bear.

When Beema stopped over, Troy wasted no time in challenging her to a game of Connect Four. (We'd been playing it earlier.) Have I mentioned how much I dig that he plays games so much now!?

While we did that, Cassidy played with some new barbies Beema brought over for her. She was lost in barbie land for hours!

The kids and I made the journey from Mahomet to Chicago, swung by the airport to pick up Mike and settled in at the house. Mike was pretty excited to see his fav wine (cabernet) in a "high roller" bottle that Mom had picked up with him in mind.

Thanksgiving Day we spent a lot of time working in the kitchen. Cassidy was not taking "no" for an answer and wanted to do whatever we'd let her do.

And Troy's holiday was completely made when Grampa handed him a giant turkey leg all his own.

Cute moment when Troy was "conducting" Emily as she played her flute. He's been so into music and especially band directors this year. He said he was going to be Emily's conductor for the night :) 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Cassidy's Happy Place

Cassidy and I have enjoyed morning visits with my friend Anne at her house while her twin boys toddle around. Not only does she loves playing with "the babies" but Maggie the dog is her fav. If she could sneak her home I bet she'd try. Time with friends is just wonderful :)

Monday, November 20, 2017

Cassidy "gets" College Football Saturday

College Football Saturday done right is in art. After all, it took me YEARS to get in the groove of how to slow down, relax and not DO all day. Simply hanging out and watching football. Preferably in lounge clothes. Cassidy made the transition and fully "got" it this year with her nap-on-the-couch Saturday afternoon.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Cassidy Randoms

Cassidy is my little assistant in all I do around the house these days. She's always been that way in the kitchen but now it's pretty much all chores and activities, she's right there. A few pics below from an average week together for us.

Her kitchen skills continue to impress me. She doesn't love her hair pulled back in a pony tail but that's the rule when we're working with food/fire.

Painting Projects

It's the best day ever around here when I let the kids paint. Below are a few of their creations.

"Cross for Jesus" by Cassidy

Something Pokemon by Troy 

Pikachu by Troy 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bobcat Badge

Troy's first "earned" badge was the Bobcat Badge. He and the rest of the Tiger cubs received their stripes and had the Bobcat Badge pinned on during the November Scout meeting. Troy was tasked with doing a good deed before his Bobcat Badge could be sewn on, which he promptly completed between the school doors when we exited and the minivan in the parking lot. Way to go, Troy!

Can't Stop Won't Stop

Dropping temps aren't going to stop these two friends from their "usual" routine of recent months when they get together to play. Step one - put fancy dresses on over regular clothes. Step two - head outside. Step three - chat, play, sing, find rocks and do whatever else the wind blows them to do.

Next Year Goals

A larger table for our College Football Saturday feasts in the basement. This square end table isn't quite cutting it for four hungry humans and the spreads of BBQ, pizza, chips and dip or more that we have on fall Saturdays.

Family Pictures - Fall 2017

We hadn't planned to get a date on the books with any one of the talented photographers we know would take amazing photos of our fam this fall, but as the unseasonably warm fall marched on (and I realized how incredible my new phone was at taking pictures) I tackled the challenge of snapping our family's own photos to take advantage of the fall backdrops. Me + iPhone + tripod + my three loves equals the following result. Love them all!