Saturday, May 20, 2017

The scariest five seconds ever

Ok this might be a bit of an exaggeration. But for real. My kid simply cannot know how to shimmy and shake like this (or whatever she does at the very end).

Mama re-evaluated her song choices on the radio after this day. Because, um, wow. Wait for it at the very end. I didn't know she was doing this until I watched it back later.

"Diamond Collection" Quotes

I frequently send Mike quotes from Cass and Troy throughout the day. This one was great.

"Mom, do you know what to do with a diamond collection? You put all your diamonds together and you look at your diamonds!"

Mike's response of "OH BROTHER" was my thoughts exactly.

From Seed to Salad

I adore our kindergarten teacher. Can I say that enough!? They recently did a unit Troy LOVED called "from seed to salad". He learned so much about seeds growing and the big excitement at the end was a huge salad bar for snack one day (thanks to donations from all the parents). Wow. What a spread. I was so thankful I could go volunteer to help out with it!

Every kid gobbled down two or three plates worth of salad. I think some of the parents would be surprised to learn this, but yep! They actually did!

I landed on the kindergarten Facebook page before the end of the day. Yay for classroom fun!

"Some of My Best Work"

Troy began working on this while Mike and I were out and Gramma was watching the kids. It kept growing and being added to, and eventually he proclaimed "This is some of my best work!"

Yes, yes it is son.

Visit with Gramma (and Garth)

Gramma came to town for a Garth Brooks concert for the weekend. We had a visit to Jupiters for lunch and the kids loved playing some video games after we were done eating. This is them playing "Jurassic Park".

Mom and I had a fun night out just the two of us! We attended the world's largest karaoke event (LOL) aka the Garth Brooks concert.

Wouldn't be a complete trip if we didn't stop into Cracker Barrel for a bite! We love you, Gramma!

Big Kid Projects

Projects are the very "in" thing around here right now. There is a whole slew of "those" firsts you don't see coming, or listed on milestones anywhere and this is one of them.

The first time your kid draws actual people instead of just scribbles and you can kind of tell what it is.

She loves little activity books. Big coloring books? Not so much. Go figure.

And this kid. With all the cutting and taping and gluing and creating. This face is his thinking face.

Logical consequence

When you make an error in judgment with your toileting before running out the door for school, this is your consequence when you get home from school.

All three bathrooms. "Mom clean." That.just.happened.

Glimpse of Teenage Cass

Some days she is 3 going on 4.... and other days she is 3 going on 13!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

"Cuckoo" the octopus (or jellyfish?!)

Cassidy has been making some COOL projects in preschool these days. By the time I pick her up, the animals usually have names. One week (zoo week) we had "oo oo the monkey" and the following week (sea creature week) we had "cuckoo the octopus/jellyfish" creature. If you ask her what her favorite part of school is, it is the projects!

First Official Bike

With Cassidy stealing bikes out of all her friends' garages on our street, we thought it was probably time to get her one of her own. Enter, Cassidy's first bike! She's a pro already :)

Nap in Mama's Arms

I KNEW this girl needed a nap this particular day. But it wasn't until after school when I was sitting out there with she and Troy that she crawled up for some snuggles and passed out. I moved her into the couch after a few minutes and she napped away until we woke her up for dinner. Ah, fresh air! Tires even the most determined of three year olds out :)

First lost tooth

Troy has had a loose tooth for weeks now. I think he was a little nervous on what it would feel like when it actually fell out. Alas, one morning he took a bite of his vitamin and declared, "Oh! I lost it!"

And quickly went to work to find others he could wiggle on out too. Haha!

This is childhood

My 84 year old Gramma was remarking on some of the recent pics I'd posted and sent to her and said, "I wish every kid these days could have this kind of childhood!" #agreed

Flying a kite with friends while waiting for the school bus in the morning...

Dinner on the patio with your sibling just because this way you can get back to playing that much faster.

Running, scooting and kites before school yet again...

Happy Easter!

Easter morning started with a visit to our patio from our very own Easter bunny :)

And it wasn't long before our family arrived to spend the day with us celebrating! Gramma, Grampa, Uncle Andy and Auntie Daria all made the trip down. Here the kids are opening some goodies from Gramma and Grampa.

Our city dwelling family quickly settled into the patio for some chill time on the prairie.

Until it was time to eat. Easter brunch in the dining room!

Barefoot kiddos playing around outside.

Get closer to each other, I kindly asked :)

Lots of fun with new throwing things outside.

Eventually Troy just started announcing, "Ok everybody, time for a walk in the woods!" I think he was kind of shocked when we actually went and did it!

We finished our night off at church in front of the giant peep wall :)

The kids attended church with us for this particular evening. They were given coloring books and some other trinkets when they walked in. Thanks, Mahomet Vineyard!

The kids went up to the front of church for the Kingdom Kids "declaration" at one point during service :) 

I didn't see this one coming. Cass completely passed out on my shoulder while we were standing and worshiping during service. I picked her up so she could see the band and..... this.

Short nap.. because by the time we walked out, i was hearing "taking my picture mom!" on the church bench :)

Skating Party - Happy Birthday, Tristan

Troy was invited to a birthday party for his friend Tristan from church. Troy had never been roller skating before, so I was interested to see how he'd do when I took him over there!

Mr. Confident had his skates strapped on and while i gathered my stuff he was up on his feet and down on his butt in about .2 seconds total. I appreciate his confidence and enthusiasm though.

We decided one of those walker things would be a safe bet to get started with.

Until it was break time for food and cake! The glow in the dark room was awesome!

Then we had a little arcade date and played some games :)

I love hanging out with this kid :)

The defining characteristic of a birthday party. A dyed tongue from some combo of candy and frosting.

For his second round on skates, he insisted on not using the walker. #Determination

And for the most part, he was successful. Again, the determination and persistence to keep getting back up and trying hard to do it. I love him!

He gifted me with his glow in the dark necklace before we left. Only to ask for it back when we got home. But whatever. I got a little while with my gift from my guy at least :)

Menards - Our Second Home in Spring

Ah, the days of pushing two kids around through the patio section.

What did we get, you ask? Some combination of mulch, bricks and lawn care treatment products. The usual LOL.

Day in Douglas County

Douglas County is Amish country in Central Illinois, and we decided to make a day trip on Good Friday with our boys off school and work.

Lunch at the famous Yoder's Kitchen did NOT disappoint.

And, as usual, I think the kids were disappointed they didn't actually get up close to or in one of those cool looking buggies we kept passing by.