Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2016 (sort of?) summed up

I saw a lot of people posting "top 9" pics of the year on Instagram and Facebook right around NYE. Fun, right? Easier said than done. Without thinking about it "much", here were the nine I picked to highlight the year:

  1. Disney vacation
  2. My kids' Halloween costumes very accurately summed up their interests this year (Legos and princesses)
  3. I got ink (whaaaat?!)
  4. Mike found Gentleman's Box and started getting all fancy on me :) 
  5. Troy started Kindergarten!
  6. Cass morphed into a "big kid" from a toddler, seemingly overnight
  7. I don't know... we laughed a lot this year!? And kissed a lot!?
  8. Mexico trip for Mike and I (amazing!)
  9. Kids dipped their toes in the ocean for the first time!
We saw and did a LOT as a family! What a year!

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