Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas Day

Flying home on Christmas Eve and straight to Chicago had us spending Christmas morning at Gramma and Grampa's house! The kids were excited for Christmas Day and woke up ready to see if they had any presents. Troy was delighted to see, yes, Legos for him from Gramma and Grampa to get right to work on...

And Cass got the cutest little "Calico Critters" house which she just loves. The bunny that came with "resides" there but so do another collection of animals, "persons", including princesses of course too.

We later headed over to the Marx house and I got this pic of the kids. This is the "wow we feel like we've had a 1000 pics taken of us in the last week" faces. Oh wait, that's right kids. You have. Literally. 1000.

Fun with cousin Emmy.

Fun with wine and champagne!

More presents opened and big smiles abound.

Thank you to everyone who blessed the kids with Christmas gifts this year! Merry Christmas to all :) :) 

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