Saturday, December 31, 2016

Florida Vacation Day 7 - Pirate Cruise, Disney Springs (again!) and Best Pool Night Ever

Troy's fun adventure from Grampa and Gramma was a kids-only pirate cruise that took off from one of the Disney resorts. We had him signed up and he was PUMPED to do something without the rest of us (thanks, Troy LOL) and he was looking forward to his morning.

A combination of our hotel's transportation and Disney's transportation, including the Magic Kingdom ferry, got us over to the Port Orleans.

It's a little strange to wave goodbye to your six year old while he sails away on a boat with strangers LOL

Cass, Mike and I had a couple hours to kill and it was GORGEOUS out. So we relaxed in the sunshine...

...played at the resort's playground...

...went for a scenic "New Orleans inspired" walk...

...and played at the resort arcade. Fun story. Disney nails it with the whole "experience" word. We were saying goodbye to Troy and one of the Disney staffers walked over to Cass and handed her a card with a large balance for the arcade "just because", while her brother was busy having fun. They know how to give EVERYONE a good time, even the kids not in that particular adventure. Thanks, Disney!

The pirate crew rode the boat down the river, visiting three other Disney resorts on their hunt for "booty". We hooked up with them back at the point of departure for their final stop in opening up the treasure chest. The kids were all SO excited! And all got a bag of loot. Cass included.

Troy and the pirates who were officially responsible for him the preceding two hours :)

After another visit to the arcade, this time with Troy, we hopped on another boat over to Disney Springs for our lunch at T-Rex. I thought, how cool, a dino-themed restaurant. What I was NOT prepared for was the "meteor shower" and constant roaring during our meal. Um, wow. That was some serious T-Rex-ing!

Afterwards, we walked around for awhile...pirate gear and all!

Stopped up at the Lego store again...

And (fun!) had a meet-up with my friend Christina! Now a Texas resident, I don't get to see her terribly often. But we were both in Disney at the same time and I was so glad we got to chat for a bit. Bunny ears courtesy of Mike!

"I don't need the stroller today", says the mom who carried the sleeping three year old clear across Disney Springs to get to the shuttle. Just for it not to come. Gah.

But eventually we DID make it back, and surprise, Cass had energy again! So down to the pool we went. Man, does she look old here!

"Um this doesn't seem right", says Mike while we sat poolside and watched our two kids play. What!? Big kid living!

So much that when it got dark and the resort lit up some of the firepits, I stalked one for a bit so we could sit and snack and sip while our kids kept playing. It was glorious! And maybe my favorite night of the whole trip!

My view from *outside* the pool!

Sigh. Vacation is lovely.

Eventually Cass crawled out and snuggled up with me in a big towel. Disney began shooting off fireworks we could see from the pool and it was time to call it a night! What a good day!

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