Saturday, December 31, 2016

Florida Vacation Day 8 - Epcot (briefly) and Hollywood Studios

We made our trip to Epcot earlier in the week and had our hugs and greetings with Anna and Elsa. But part of me really wanted to experience the new Frozen Ever After ride with my Frozen-lover. And since we had park hopper tickets, I decided to split from the boys first thing in the morning to run over there to kick off the day. We only had to wait about a half hour. And it was a wonderful ride! Definitely worth the trip for us :)

While we did that, the boys were on BIG rides. Certainly the biggest of the trip. Below, rock and roller coaster.

And Tower of Terror. Twice. My thrill-seeking boy loved this ride.

They took fun pics in front of the tower.

Olaf showed up, too! ;)

Memory Maker, worth every penny :) Love my boys.

We girls "hopped" over to Hollywood Studios just in time to catch Beauty and the Beast. It was good, but nothing could compare to the Lion King from Wednesday :) 

Ok, so we had a little more time to kill. Mickey bars for this hot day!

And hugs for BIG GIANT OLAF, as Cassidy called him.

We went to the Frozen Sing-A-Long event and while the majority of it was pretty eh, the ending was spectacular. And Cassidy's face was priceless. I call this photo "the reason parents take their kids to Disney". #magic

This is her re-telling the story of Frozen sing-a-long to the boys immediately afterwards at lunch.

We had a fun Star Wars themed afternoon planned for all four of us. Star Tours ride was up first. Pretty sure we were breaking rules by putting our glasses on early but whatev.

We included some muppets in our Star Wars afternoon since it was right next door and the timing for that show worked out well.

Not knowing a *ton* about Star Wars, I'm told these fun guys are "Jawa". Cass is showing her tough muscles to this one :)

Darth Vader, even though he wasn't even real. She still grinned ear to ear.

Then we had my favorite character experience of the trip. Because Mike got himself in trouble LOL. We went to meet Kylo-Ren and Mike tried to give him knuckles, get in his personal space, give him bunny ears... rejected, rejected, rejected! The Disney photog was quick to correct him. So much that we walked out of there doubled over laughing it was so funny how it went down!

Some photo fun while we walked over to the bigger rides, again. 

As I mentioned earlier, Troy was in LOVE with the Tower of Terror. So he and Mike had a (third) FastPass booked for later in the day to do it again. He pleaded with me to do it with him though because, "I think you'll really like it Mom!" Ummmmmmmmm. I did NOT like the Tower of Terror, not at all! It was even worse than like the Giant Drop at Six Flags because it was so LONG! Gah! Here I am squeezing my eyes shut and looking away and Troy is checking on me to make sure I'm ok, LOL. What a kid.

You'd think I'd be done with thrill rides after that, but I really DID want to ride the Rock and Roller Coaster. I thought it sounded like fun and since my 48.5" son had already ridden it I thought I'd take him again. The FastPass line was LOOOOONG but SO worth it! Here we are waiting outside :)

And the moment the ride began! I loved the way it started - head back, prepare to merge like you've never merged before. And you went from a complete standstill to 60+ miles an hour or so (pictured below). SO much fun!  Pretty sure my son realized how uncool it was to ride roller coasters with Mom though, when I was asking him to try to click his harness down another notch and he responded "It's supposed to fit like this, MOM!" and again, during the actual crazy ride while I kept reaching over to make sure he was still in the coaster with me! Sorry not sorry, Troy! You're six after all buddy!

Anddddd the pass out of the day. This is also when Troy decided he didn't want to ride any more big rides again. And if we could go to Gramma's house for Christmas now, LOL.

This nap of Cassidy's wasn't like the others earlier in the week. She was in a DEEEEEP sleep as we walked over to our reservation for dinner which was a character dining experience. Waking her up was NOT fun. The only real meltdown of the whole trip which carried over into the restaurant. Eventually she snapped out of it when the waitress brought over light-up straw attachments though. Annddd we're back.

We were just wrapping up eating when Troy was polishing off his ice cream and Mickey snuck up behind him!

Mickey was having some fun with my boys! So funny!

I got to show him some love too.

Cassidy's half-smile she was able to muster at this point LOL.

She saved the big grins for Minnie. All the characters were dressed in their holiday best for this meal!

And of course by the time we left, everybody was all grins. Santa Goofy included!

On the way out the crowds were growing but we were loving the energy in the place. LOVE this guy!

Wouldn't be a complete day without some sugar-buzzed sword fights back in the hotel room to close it down. Did I mention how good everyone slept at night yet!? LOL. And that was our LAST day in the parks! Almost time to head home....

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