Saturday, December 31, 2016

Florida Vacation Day 9 - The Time Has Come

We had SUCH a blast in Florida, and it wasn't until dinner time the night before we left that either of the kids showed a desire to be ready to leave. So the perfect length of a trip, it was.

We had plenty of time to have one last big hotel breakfast. The funniest part of our meals and time at the hotel on this trip was how responsible Troy felt for getting to the hostess station first to let her know "2 adults, 2 kids". The night that he beat all of us down there and I called him back to wait in line with me behind other families, the hostess called US to the front as Troy had already checked us in. From that moment he did it every time!

Breakfast came with napkin animals this particular day from this waiter. He was so fun.

After getting ourselves and all our things to the lobby, we had a few final moments to soak in the fresh air so the kids and I took one last look at the palm trees.

Fast forward through airport arrival, time through security (much smoother this time) and arrival on the plane and more than an HOUR into it, Cass finally knocks out. Girl was SO tired. I had expected her to sleep the whole time but something was better than nothing!

And then we were back in the frozen tundra. Merry Christmas Eve!

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