Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year!

Our neighbors are the bomb. Seriously, we live in the best group of neighbors a family could ask for. Friends of ours decided to throw a joint birthday party for their two kids on NYE evening AND invite all the neighborhood kids, feeding them dinner and keeping them occupied for several hours while parents did.... whatever! In our case it was our first ever (I think!) NYE date night out! THANK YOU LINDSAY AND TIM!

Below, pic of the party, courtesy of Lindsay. Troy on top of the basement roller coaster. Cass doing something in the corner there. One of the birthday kids (Kaden) blurred in front of the roller coaster :)

Meanwhile, we went to JT Walker's for dinner. And got dressed up too! Yeah!

I had tiger shrimp kabobs which were amazing. Mike had a steak alfredo dish. Also delish as I tried some.

We were missing our tradition with friends Ed and Blanca and the fondue pot, but this worked out well! Welcome, 2017! 

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