Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tastes of Spring - 2017 Edition

That time in the still-winter when the kids start to get the first tastes of the warm weather to come. And kids and parents alike all DELIGHT in these sneak peeks.

Our neighbors re-opened their trampoline for the season. And the kids were happy to break it in.

They had themselves organized quite well to wait in line and take turns for "tricks".

Another neighbor's sandbox was busted into by a couple of eager 3 yr olds and we didn't stop 'em. These two barely fit in it anymore, though!

One afternoon after school, it was SO gorgeous out that everyone was outside. We had fruit cups for a whole slew of kids served up on the driveway. Ohhhh, glorious spring weather, I love you.

And I think all the kids do, too.

First Big Time Haircut

Troy has been wanting to wear his hear a little bit longer lately and I was a little unsure of how to navigate his new look. So, a visit to Sport Clips and his first "non-Mom" haircut in the books.

I LOVED how it looked combed like this. Why won't he let me style it this way every day!? So handsome, Mr Troy!

"Dad told me..."

Mike is wonderful about giving Troy all the "man of the house" pep talks when he is on the road. And with a number of trips back to back these days, Troy is taking this responsibility quite seriously. He came up to me while I was working at the dining room table and asked "Mom, can you set this up for me? Dad told me to do lots of things to help you while he is gone..."

Love my men.

Early Dismissal Ambitions

With a daughter who is getting closer and closer to giving up her nap, my son's much anticipated early dismissal days where he gets some alone time away from sis at home are numbered. But this day, this day she was sleeping when he got home a few hours early and he had a few plans in mind.

First up, watching shows in MY bed (not in the basement and not on the iPad).

And more importantly, playing Legos while I watch. His favorite request for over a year at this point. "Come watch me play Legos, Mom!"

Daddy's Influence

Cassidy picked up her first phrase from the "Urban Dictionary" thanks to Daddy's influence recently. I'll let this speak for itself. And just expect it out of her mouth when she says goodbye to you, some day.

Express Yourself

Can't help but hum this old Madonna tune when I look at my daughter some days. Who has quite the opinion on outfits and totally rocks whatever she wears, all at the same time.

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day festivities for both kids this year as Cassidy's "preschool pals" were held on that day and believe me, she was pretty stoked to participate in the parties. As a friend remarked, it must be like her favorite day ever (with all the pink, purple and hearts!)

Here's the box she made as her mailbox - pink for dayssss

She got to pick one treat right when we got home and she chose fun dip.... oh the fun dip.

When Troy got home later, he sorted all HIS loot right away (like he didn't even make it past the dining room table before shaking it all out).

The Valentine's enthusiasm continued all day and they were making more at the end of the night. Cass made me this... which she remarked was a square of toilet paper for me. Thanks Cass.


I took this pic and was rather proud. Still kind of shocked this is me :) I have come a LONG way!

Gymnastic Beauty

Cassidy has found a good fit with gymnastics. She loves it and she catches on quickly, too. I swear, I don't pose my kids most of the time. This shot below though.

Happy Birthday Date Night

With the kids hanging out at a friend and neighbor's house for dinner and the evening, Mike and I had the chance to meet up with friends for a double date night out in Downtown Champaign! Our friends Fred and Sarah met up with us to enjoy a kid-free evening together. We used to have double dates with this duo all the time but as life has become busier for both of us, it had been some time.

I was pretty stoked to enjoy Radio Maria's signature sangria on this night of festivities. The last time I remember being at Radio Maria I had this drink too, and funny, we were out on a double date with Fred and Sarah that night, too!

Basketball Snapshots

Friday Night Pool Date

Reason #1001 we love the Y - there is ALWAYS something to do if we're wanting to get out of the house! And come on, swimming in the middle of winter ALWAYS rocks! While Mike was on the road, the kids and I met up with Sarah and Benjamin for some swim fun (and practice!) to kick off the weekend! Look at Cass go!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Real Snow

Snow has been sparse this season (no complaints!) but we did have a couple inches turn up one day. It looked so pretty outside - view from our second floor out our back window.

Troy was dying to play in it. Cass? Not so much. He kept himself busy for awhile out there though.

I think they like each other a little bit

My Birthday - 33

On my actual birthday, my friend Bonnie was going to come over to work out first thing in the morning but with unseasonably warm temps we took the opportunity to go outside for a little run instead. Oh, what a nice way to start my birthday that was! I couldn't believe we were running outside before dawn on my birthday. That DEFINITELY has never happened! She also gifted me with this sweet sign to hang up. I love it!

I think people know a little bit about my coffee love. Met a friend and fellow coach for coffee while Cass was it preschool...and Mike surprised me at home during his lunch with my favorite Starbucks, too!

Cass made me a beautiful something while at school and couldn't wait to give it to me!

Birthday Shakeology for me, the birthday girl. Cheers!

How dare I...

Found this awesome Nike outfit for Cass and scooped it up, thinking it would be perfect to throw over a leotard or something. But, alas, there is blue in it. "I DON'T WANT TO WEAR ANYTHING WITH BLUE. I ONLY WANT PINK AND PURPLE." Ignore all the hot pink. Go straight for the blue.

Worst. Mom. Ever. Clearly. Yes, they are actual, very real tears. 

Troy's Own Jurassic Park

Troy is collecting some Lego dinosaurs and this is his version of Jurassic Park.

Yes there are skeletons. Because he says, "That's what it would be like if dinosaurs came back and were running around, Mom."

No more nap?

Cassidy went on nap strike for a week or two. (I think we're past it now.) But the days that she wouldn't fall asleep in her room, this was happening. It was confirmation she still needed a nap and I needed to keep trying, and bonus, I got a few extra daytime snuggles, too. 

"What is that?"

Says Troy during the halftime show of the Superbowl... #BigStage #BrightLights #Gaga

My Pre-Birthday - Visit from Grandparents

Gramma and Grampa came down for a visit on a sunny day to enjoy some Mahomet time and pre-celebrate my birthday. Awesomely, my mom went to the "fruit and veggie store" and stocked me up with tonssss of produce as my birthday gift. It was amazing! (And I think nearly two weeks later we still have some that has stayed good!)

Wanting to try a "new place" we drove over to Hamilton Walker's for lunch and found it closed. Hmmm. We had passed by Destihl on the way though and I mentioned how much I liked it... so we just looped back and that's where we ended up!

Kids meals come with root beer floats. Cassidy very much approved of this.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Well that's just pretty

I'm just going to leave this here. My first Facebook Live fail was thanks to this sweet (um) face begging for attention while I tried to talk to the Facebook world. Live video is a *tad* of a gamble...

Friday, February 3, 2017

2nd Week - Preschool

This week, Cass had all three days of preschool for the first time. She seemed to enjoy getting ready and having somewhere to go each day, until we were driving the last day and she asked how many more days there were until a day off!

Three going on thirteen...

The high ponytail is rockin' these days. She has no idea the gift I have given her by growing those curly bangs out from the get go instead of later on down the road! :)

Favorite craft of the week was the "drum" she made especially for Troy. I told him at the bus, "hey she is REALLY excited to give this to you..." just to prep him a little. He seemed, um, appreciative of the preschool homemade drum, and I was proud of him :)

Three words to describe her this week - cheerful, energetic and chatty. Yes, that does in fact sound like my daughter.

100th Day

This 100th day stuff is a big deal around here. Troy had some "family homework" to do in that he needed to glue 100 of something to a piece of paper to return to school. He chose dots of play-doh. Ok. It took a long time but we worked together and he stayed in it until the end. He was proud of his creation at the very end and I know it is decorating the school walls somewhere!