Friday, February 3, 2017

2nd Week - Preschool

This week, Cass had all three days of preschool for the first time. She seemed to enjoy getting ready and having somewhere to go each day, until we were driving the last day and she asked how many more days there were until a day off!

Three going on thirteen...

The high ponytail is rockin' these days. She has no idea the gift I have given her by growing those curly bangs out from the get go instead of later on down the road! :)

Favorite craft of the week was the "drum" she made especially for Troy. I told him at the bus, "hey she is REALLY excited to give this to you..." just to prep him a little. He seemed, um, appreciative of the preschool homemade drum, and I was proud of him :)

Three words to describe her this week - cheerful, energetic and chatty. Yes, that does in fact sound like my daughter.

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