Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day festivities for both kids this year as Cassidy's "preschool pals" were held on that day and believe me, she was pretty stoked to participate in the parties. As a friend remarked, it must be like her favorite day ever (with all the pink, purple and hearts!)

Here's the box she made as her mailbox - pink for dayssss

She got to pick one treat right when we got home and she chose fun dip.... oh the fun dip.

When Troy got home later, he sorted all HIS loot right away (like he didn't even make it past the dining room table before shaking it all out).

The Valentine's enthusiasm continued all day and they were making more at the end of the night. Cass made me this... which she remarked was a square of toilet paper for me. Thanks Cass.

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