Friday, February 17, 2017

My Birthday - 33

On my actual birthday, my friend Bonnie was going to come over to work out first thing in the morning but with unseasonably warm temps we took the opportunity to go outside for a little run instead. Oh, what a nice way to start my birthday that was! I couldn't believe we were running outside before dawn on my birthday. That DEFINITELY has never happened! She also gifted me with this sweet sign to hang up. I love it!

I think people know a little bit about my coffee love. Met a friend and fellow coach for coffee while Cass was it preschool...and Mike surprised me at home during his lunch with my favorite Starbucks, too!

Cass made me a beautiful something while at school and couldn't wait to give it to me!

Birthday Shakeology for me, the birthday girl. Cheers!

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