Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tastes of Spring - 2017 Edition

That time in the still-winter when the kids start to get the first tastes of the warm weather to come. And kids and parents alike all DELIGHT in these sneak peeks.

Our neighbors re-opened their trampoline for the season. And the kids were happy to break it in.

They had themselves organized quite well to wait in line and take turns for "tricks".

Another neighbor's sandbox was busted into by a couple of eager 3 yr olds and we didn't stop 'em. These two barely fit in it anymore, though!

One afternoon after school, it was SO gorgeous out that everyone was outside. We had fruit cups for a whole slew of kids served up on the driveway. Ohhhh, glorious spring weather, I love you.

And I think all the kids do, too.

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