Saturday, March 18, 2017

Engineering Open House - Troy's New Favorite Event of the Year

This was somewhat of an afterthought in deciding to go to Engineering Open House at U of I this year. I was thinking our kids were still a few years off from enjoying it, but after some homeschooling friends that went on Friday posted pics, I thought, well, I think it's worth checking out! Our friends Sarah and Benjamin had invited us to go swimming, but we were planned to go to the Illini gymnastics meet... and then *somehow* we all ended up at EOH, and with our neighbor Haken joining us, too. It was too funny! And definitely the right call! From the first area we walked into. Everything was SO hands on. First up was a Lego LEED room where they had to build energy efficient homes and were "scored" on them. Lego solar panels, Lego gardens, Lego rain barrels, etc.

Cassidy's house had a HUGE garden with plants.

The railroad exhibit was the next hit. Much like many of the places we go, Troy was every demonstrator's dream LOL. He asked SO many questions and just loved seeing the exhibits and TOUCHING them.

This guy spent a long time talking to him about the railroad tracks.

MANY of the demonstrations included Legos. Like this one where they had to build a home to be safe and stable during earthquakes. Which Troy's was.

One of the snack stations was something to do with the road. It was super sugar-y and topped in chocolate syrup (asphalt?) Needless  to say, it was a hit.

Somehow not pictured, they made coasters out of cement and got to put stickers and things in them. This was a fun project and Troy is asking if we can do it at home. Maybe some garden pavers, buddy! 

The hydro-lab was pretty awesome. Something here with the flow of water.

Haken had heard about the underwater robots, so i was glad we found them! They were AWESOME!

I explained to Troy that Uncle Andy and Auntie Daria actually went to school in these buildings when they were in college. When I pointed out the ECE building to Troy and said it was Uncle Andy's, he asked to take a pic in front of it. And then walk inside to check it out, too.

Waiting at the bus stop to catch the shuttle back to the parking lot. That was a nice bonus!

Troy couldn't stop talking about it that weekend. He begged me to take him back "every year forever" and "even when I'm 12 years old!" I already put the 2018 dates on my calendar :) 

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