Saturday, March 18, 2017

Everything old is new again

Apparently, Amy the mom of three years ago didn't blog about Troy's writing on the wall incident. Pssssh. Document that stuff now, I say. Anyways, in 2014, Troy was in his room while he was supposed to be having quiet time (giving up that nap you know) and he took a binder clip and dragged the metal part all around the perimeter of his room. While etching a mark into the wall. And our house was on the market too.

He spent hours and hours cleaning that mess up and I guess it left an impression. Because when his younger sister made two short little lines on the kitchen wall with a sharpie, he walked up to it and said, "I KNOW WHAT HER CONSEQUENCE IS!" And she had to clean it up. Thankful for the magic eraser and hopefully this will make as much of an impression on Cass as it did on Troy so we don't deal with any more writing on the wall in our parenting journey!

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