Saturday, March 4, 2017

February Walk to the Woods

I love where we live. Have I mentioned that? No?

I love where we live, I love where we live.

Cassidy and I headed out for a power walk as I felt like going a good distance that morning. She will still sit in the stroller pretty well, we just don't use it a ton. But I knew she'd get tuckered out if I had her scooter the whole way like normal, sooooo stroller it was.

FEBRUARY, people! Look at this!

My goal was to make it actually INTO Lake of the Woods instead of just walking on the trails leading up to it. We made it! And while not to a big playground, a few swings was ALL it took to make this girl's day. One for me, one for her. "That was AWESOME!" she later said.

And also, a video of Cassidy talked to deer, because, well #cuteness. 

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