Saturday, March 4, 2017

Weekend in Chicago snapshots

That gorgeous spring weather was meant to be enjoyed everywhere we went! And with a weekend planned in Chicago, we literally headed straight to the zoo when we got into town to meet Gramma and Grampa and hang out with the animals.

You can barely see this one with the glare of the sun but this is just proof what an AMAZING weather day it was!

Cassidy helping Grampa "paint" sauce onto the pork chops and taking her helper job very seriously.

A little time to slow down and chill out...

Just like at home, Troy came up with a creation of the weekend during our stay. This was an underwater one. Check out the guy submerged in the "capsule" and the shipwrecked boat, if you can spot them.

We couldn't leave town without a trip to the epic "fruit and veggie store". And BOY did we load up this trip. Included were three cases of strawberries, enough to share with our friends.

Cass looked SO bored while Lego movie was on. This ain't Frozen, Ma!

We had a totally out-of-the-norm trip to McDonalds thanks to Valentine's gift cards from Beema. Troy was initially quite opposed to the idea but after reassurance that it was ok sometimes, he came around. And polished off his entire meal no problem.

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