Sunday, April 9, 2017

Kicking Spring Break Off with a Bang

The first day of spring break was a busy one! It was free cone day at DQ, so free cone hunting we went. The kids were happy!

And after that we headed out to Homer Lake for a reptile thing they had going on. But of course we were early, so we went to the Playscape first!

Wishful thinking that we could just splash in the water right now. Not too much longer...

Troy was excitedly looking for frogs. We saw tadpoles but that was it. 

(((Insert injury at the playscape where Cassidy falls off one log and lands on another. Ouch.))))

Finally our reptile thing started! I was hanging in the back by Cass and saw Troy answering the teacher's questions, over and over and over. She said to him at one point, 'you're answering a lot of these questions!" LOL.

Cass was interested in touching the animals when that part came.

Snakes. Sigh. The event was a major hit with my boy!

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