Monday, April 10, 2017

My Most Ambitious Day Trip Yet - St Louis

My outstanding little travelers had been doing so well on our mini trips lately that I only thought twice about doing a day trip down to St. Louis to meet up with my dear friend Alicia and FINALLY meet her son Elolo, who came home last summer from Ghana. He was fast friends with not just Troy but Cassidy too - I have a feeling ANY kid who met this boy would hit it off with him right away. He's like everyone's big brother :)

It was a joy to spend the day with them - we spent the majority of our time at the St Louis Science Center, our number one pick in St Louis.

We tried out one of the planetarium shows for the first time but meh. Not any of our favorite things and my kids got soooooo squirmy with each other as the show went on. In theory, spreading mats on the floor and laying down to look up at the "stars" sounds fun. It just didn't go down that way!

As soon as we left the show, the kids were swept away into exhibits again...

And this is where Troy realized we were *this close* to "Big Doug" the dinosour and dino area, but alas he had to wait for the rest of us to be ready to go too. He was trying so hard to be patient but you can see here, he's just sitting and waiting :)

Success! #ThisIsOurFav

The fossil lab was particularly fascinating for him this time around.

We gave him a loooong time in the dinos, and Alicia and Elolo even slipped away for a snack. Then it was time to keep moving along. Like to this rock climbing wall.

...where Troy attempted to help his sister out.

It took us all a few minutes to figure this one out, but once we got the hang of it we were able to instruct the kids on what to do. These three. Simply the cutest. 

One more quick pass through the dino area...

And back on the road home! We stretched our legs and took a potty break at Cracker Barrel, and Troy immediately reminded me that this is Gramma's place :) A super successful day trip indeed!

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